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What Is Plazes?

Plazes is a world-wide grassroot approach to location-aware interaction. Whenever you hop on a new network, you can register it as a new Plaze and provide a basic description including information such as wi-fi access and even flickr photos. A simple registration and install lets you instantly share your location as well as find people near you.

We're sure some of you out there are probably wondering about your privacy. Don't worry, we couldn't take it any more seriously. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

How Can I Use It?

Whether you just want to know if someone else is in the office today or want to know when your friends are hanging out at the local coffee house, Plazes makes it fun and easy. Did we mention it's also a great way to find free wi-fi? The possibilities are endless.

What Do I Do Now?

Still not convinced? You can search for Plazes near you, take a quick tour, or go on ahead and register.

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Austin, TX, United States
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30,092 users
6,190 currently online
238 currently online in Austin

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21,522 Plazes in 124 countries
532 Plazes in Austin